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Yagya / Havan Pooja / Greh Shanti

Importance and Significance of Havan by Pandit Lokesh Pariyal Astrologer

A Havan is also known as a Hom, Homan, Yagya or Agnihotra. Havan is a Sanskrit word and it means a ritual wherein the devotees make offerings to the Fire as a primary/core action. The Fire is considered to be Holy, Sacred and sacrosanct. The Fire is a symbol of divine presence. A Havan forms part of practically all Hindu Sanskaars. Common types of Havan include Aayushya Havan, Mrityunjaya Havan, Dhanwantri Havan, Ganesh Havan, Navagraha Havan, Vastu Havan etc. The fire is lit in a centre and devotees make offerings along with chanting the mantras specific to the objective for which the Havan has been organised. Contact world famous astrologer and vashikaran specialist who has knowledge of black magic removal , Love Vashikaran Problem Solutions and kala jadu. It is done either to please a certain deity or done with some other objective in mind.

Benefits of Havan

A Havan Mantra has multiple benefits. The benefits are divine as well as scientific. A Havan helps to:
- Prevent infectious diseases.
- Gain peace of mind.
- Purify the atmosphere (scientifically and otherwise).
- Achieve the objective we are aiming at.
- Offer our prayers to our beloved deities.
- Convert negative energies into positive ones.
- Ensure good health.

Main Havan Poojan

- Akhand Ramayana Paath & Havan (अखंड रामायण पाठ)
- Ayush Poojan & Havan (आयुष पूजन )
- Batuk Bhairav ​​Poojan & Havan (बटुक भैरव पूजन)
- Bhoomi Poojan & Havan (भूमि पूजन)
- Dhanvantari Pooja & Havan (धन्वन्तरि हवन)
- Durga Paath Haven Poojan (दुर्गा पाठ हवन पूजन)
- Gand mool nakshatra Pooja & Havan (गंद मूल नक्षत्र पूजा)
- Grah parvesh Pooja & Havan (गृह प्रवेश पूजा)
- Hanumat Raksha Kavach Poojan (हनुमत रक्षा कवच पूजन)
- Kaal Sarp Yog Poojan & Havan (काल सर्प योग पूजन)
- Kuber Pooja & Havan (कुबेर पूजा)
- Lakshmi kuber Pooja & Havan (लक्ष्मी कुबेर हवन)
- Lakshmi narsingh Pooja & Havan (लक्ष्मी नरसिंह हवन)
- Laxmi Poojan (लक्ष्मी पूजन)
- Mahalaxmi Yantra Poojan (महालक्ष्मी यंत्र पूजन)
- Mahatunjay Jaap Pooja & Havan (महा मृत्युंजय जाप)
- Mangal Dosh Shanti Poojan (मंगल दोष शांति पूजन )
- Namkaran Pooja & Havan (नामकरण पूजा)
- Nav Chandi Durga Pooja & Havan (नव चंडी दुर्गा हवन)
- Navagrah Poojan Jaap (नवग्रह पूजन जाप)
- Navagrah Shaanti Pooja & Havan(नवग्रह शांति पूजा)
- Pitr Shanti Poojan & Havans (पितृ शांति पूजन)
- Rudra Abhishek Paath & Havan (रूद्र अभिषेक पाठ)
- Santan Gopal Poojan havan (संतान गोपाल पूजन हवन )
- Sarswati Pooja & Havan (सरस्वती हवन)
- Sataya narayan Pooja & Havan (सत्य नारायण पूजा)
- Shree Ganpati Havan Poojan (श्री गणपति हवन पूजन)
- Sudarshan havan (सुदर्शन हवन)
- Vaastu Poojan & Havan (वास्तु पूजन हवन जाप)
- Vishvakarma Pooja & Havan (विश्वकर्मा पूजा)
- Vivah sanskar Pooja & Havan (विवाह संस्कार पूजा)
- Vrat Poojan Katha (व्रत पूजन कथा)
- Vyapar opening Pooja & Havan (व्यापर वृद्धि पूजा )
- Yagopavit Pooja & Havan (यज्ञोपवीत पूजा)

Havan Procedure

Havan is a sacred purification ritual that is performed in households as well as work places and shops by chanting mantras and worshipping different Gods and Goddesses. There is a hallowed fire in the center and the priest and family members sit around it. It is a part of the ritual of a Havan or Homa to invoke the Divine by paying offerings to the Fire God -- Agni.

People offer sacred puja items like lotus seeds, fruits, flowers, sandal chips, honey, ghee, exotic herbs and more to the Havana Kund (sacrificial fire). You can organize a Havan at your home, office or at a Temple. There are different benefits of performing Havan.

Havan Pooja / Yagya Pooja Benefits:

- It brings success and prosperity your way.
- It eliminates all kinds of hardships from the path you are on towards achieving success.
- The positive vibrations from the Havan also help you curb losses in business.
- Brings financial stability and growth in life.
- Helps you recover from serious illnesses and improve academically.

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